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Student letterSimilar to you, students have issues that need to be addressed and solved in schools. One of these concerns that are raised by students from the 6th grade is privacy.

A student sent us a letter saying that in the bathroom where they daily need to go, there is no privacy and that is in the Boys bathrooms. Reporting that to the principal, he actively informed the district about it.

SophieStudents'ShootingAnother one, from another school, stated that the cleanliness of the bathrooms is not up to the standards required by the district. The girl added that she many times watch roaches in different sizes take place in all of the school’s premises but especially in the bathrooms.

online-students-group-study-toolsUpon reaching the district, it is admitted that there is a shortage in the cleaning staff and that the district has already changed the cleaning contractor by another, but it seems that the new contractor is turned out to be even worse than the first.

What do you think the solution is?

Maybe if the district reaches out to the parents of the students in this school, a solution could be suggested by them. Why not?

Dearest friends everywhere, it is great to know new friends every single day; therefore, we thank everyone of you who spend few moments feeling our words. Our special thanks go for friends from the US, the UK, Nigeria, India, Philippines, Argentina, Russia, Sweden, Brazil, Pakistan, Sweden, Netherlands, China, Canada, Germany, Hungary, South Africa, Mexico, Romania, Peru, Finland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Thailand, Spain, Portugal, Kenya, Indonesia, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Cameroon, Japan, Turkey, Mexico, Italy, UAE, Croatia, France, Kosovo, Colombia, Vietnam, Ukraine, Pakistan, Jamaica, Hong Kong, and all! 😉
Until we talk again, trust your heart, and get inspired, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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