Give Good CS!

Have you seen the stars today, they are twinkling your way! 😉

Sometimes when you check on a post or an online piece, you might like it before you read it. How’s that? 

Simply the post’s picture opened the gate of your mind saying welcome to your world. With that being said, same thing happened with a post which scratch the outer skin of a very essential business tool that should be constantly used without any interruption: customer service.

The post is called: “BACK TO CLASS: “SHEP’S LAW OF CUSTOMER SERVICE” where the presentation of the customer service problem was analyzed pretty well. The photo was nicely fitted there with a caricature that brought some humor to the piece.

Let’s summarize it this way. When a customer chooses to do business with you, there are two future outcomes …more

The main idea is always to care to bring back your customer through making sure of the total satisfaction delivered by your team.

But there is another service that customer service over the phone does which is nowadays very critical due to its gradual cancelation. Some companies keep asking you to go to their websites to solve your problems whatever they are even if you want to pay a bill, still they want you to do it by yourself or autopay over the phone saving money by not having customer service Dept.

This has been going on since the start of the Covid19. this is one of the misfortunes that came with that sickness. It must be corrected. Endling over-the-phone banks’ customer service is a huge dilemma for businesses. They believe they are not that much important, but they are.

CSWhen you spend 30-70 minutes over the phone waiting for a customer service agent to answer your question is not a successful business. It is failure by all standards. T-Mobile is an excellent example of understanding this fact so is Amazon. Answering your phone is the first sign of any successful business.

Then, why are you being asked to sit to your computer and deal with this or that company? Obviously, to save them money, time, to add to your life miseries, and to promise yourself that you’d never deal with this business again.

Another post is supposed to be published but Mr. Brush can wait till the next time.

Until we chat again, nice days come and go, catch any of them with our hugs and kisses ❤
and kisses ❤

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