You are your own king, or your own queen so be patient with yourself! 😉 

Waking up startled by your building fire alarm is definitely not the right start of your day. It has the loudest most scary sound you’ve ever heard.

Fire Alarm & Sprinkler Permitting and Testing | West Metro Fire Protection  District, COOf course, you felt threatened and ran out of your place jugging towards your building’s exit. Finding all or most of your neighbors in their night gowns similar to yourself; each one of them was trying to pull it together and wondering where the fire was. But there was no fire, it was only some water thrown onto the top of a stove that turned into a lot of smoke which initiated that alarm.

“Thank God for everything”, you told yourself running back to your unit to complete your sleep but no way Jose!

All the sleep has departed you the moment you heard that funky alarm. Alarms are unfriendly tools that are used by many b/c nobody explained the danger of depending on alarm sounds.

Health-wise, you are better without alarms. Why? In your next post.

Until we chat again, take a moment and ask a question or leave a comment here we’d love to hear from you, with our hugs and kisses

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