Must Bring it Down!

Candles always lit your way, just open your heart to enjoy them! 😉
Welcome back  best friends to your home. Our special thanks for friends from the US, India, Germany, Kenya, Portugal, China, the UK, Nigeria, South Africa, Sri Lanka , Canada, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, France, Cameroon, Brazil, Ukraine, Netherlands, Italy, Lithuania, Hungary, Turkey, Mexico, Bulgaria, Finland, Jamaica, Spain, south Korea, El Salvador, Bolivia, Chile, Slovakia, Ireland, Russia, Japan, Romania, Australia, Sweden, Taiwan, Israel, Singapore and all! 😉

What is the problem with the duct tape? Why has it become so expensive

GasWhy not, everything else has jumped up even the gas prices which are debated over and over in all media, instead of coming down, it goes up, isn’t that incredible?

The Media is trying very hard to draw attention to this but so far no fruitful efforts.

free-gas-gasolineOf course it is nice to hear about something different from COVID, but you need effective results. The gas prices must go down in  order for all other goods to go down or else it would continue to increase like crazy with no stopping.

Everyone affected needs to talk about it if seriously the intention is to bring the gas prices down. Find a way and bring it down. 

Until we talk again,  get inspired, with our hugs and kisses ❤
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