There will be beautiful times in your life, learn how to enjoy! 😉  

Since when flight reservation has become that difficult? You are asked to deal with the computer instead of having a human being helping you. It is getting more and more complicated and with that happening it is hard to evaluate the customer service you receive.

Frustrating flights can deter passengers from airlines for life – Business  TravellerFor example, you want to make a small change in your ticket; then, you couldn’t find an access for your request. You will have to talk to a human in order to fix whatever goes wrong with the online page, right?

You call and after some waiting, you are able to get to someone to help you. You feel great and you explain the issue that encounter you while you’re trying to make a minor change with your ticket.

What Airlines Can Do to Win Customers, Build LoyaltyThe CS person is so nice confirming that she understands clearly what is going on. She excuses herself for a little bit while you enjoy the music waiting on the phone. She comes back stressing that she makes the change and that you will receive an email confirming the change within 30 min.

You said all right, but you remember that you need to confirm again what you ask for just in case she forgets any part of it. She repeatedly confirms that everything would be okay.

Great! After two hours, you go to your computer checking on your email to see the confirmation. Oh No, you are charged $50 more than the price and non-refundable which is completely not what you asked for. Could this be frustrated for you? Sure it could. The time that you spent in explaining and the time you waited over the phone and the time you spent over the internet and the time you spent thinking about your planning. All of that time was gone astray.

When you calm down, you’d feel better to forget 🙄

Until we talk again, be ready to share your values, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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