The Teacher’s Hat!

If you are forgiving, you are generous by nature! 😉

Shop Felt Hats | Hat World Australia | Gentleman SF782Sometimes it happens that you remember a tiny story that you heard long time ago, and for some reason you happen to remember it. Sometimes, you remember only part of the story and you keep struggling with your memory coz you want to know the rest of it. Only if you’re lucky you will get it all together.

Once upon a time there was a man-swindler. He was a fugitive leaving one city after the other looking for a place where nobody knew him so that he could live and settle there.

UntitledHis last operation gain was only a teacher’s hat. He put it on his head and got into a city that nobody knew him. It was a small city and the teacher’s hat  was very respected by the people who lived there. They knew that that kind of hat was only worn by teachers.

With all that courtesy and respect that guy was overwhelmed. He couldn’t uncover his real being or tell any stories about his past. Of course, it was hard to tell anyone that he was wanted by law for being a thief and a swindler. Added to all of that, he was ignorant, he couldn’t read or write.

You see how it was a certain dilemma for him. 🙄

Tomorrow, expect the rest of this mini-story!

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Until we talk again,  get inspired, with our hugs and kisses ❤
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