DMV & Homeless!

Like other things you forget to think about: Have you ever thought of how much money the DMV collects from residents/visitors every year? Is it in Billions? Yea…ss, it is. Then why did they charge ironically higher fees for 2023?

DMV Select opens county location - Chesterfield ObserverMaybe this revenue is for helping the homeless, similar to Santa Clara County which acted very humanitarian when its libraries opened its doors for the homeless population yesterday. They might be offered a meal to keep them alive, since their EBT card does not allow them to buy a roasted chicken 🙄

As for the DMV, its network contributed to a huge mistake and financial chaos when it kept charging a number of people over and over again, sending them threating letters that their vehicles were going to be pounded. Then a miracle happened when the DMV discovered millions of errors that affected people everywhere to be in a shock.

Oh! part of the homeless population comes from senior residents whose retirement checks do not cover a decent living for them and eventually push them to be in the streets having no effort to work at older age. When they get tired and frustrated, they stay in the streets with the rats which exist in a very high number in SF 

♠ Welcome back friends from the US, Italy, Bangladesh, Netherlands, the UK, South Korea, Nigeria, Greece, Germany, Taiwan, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Ireland, Canada, India, Finland, Netherland, Spain, Pakistan, Russia, China, and all!

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Until we chat again, nice days go quickly, catch any of them with our hugs and kisses


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