It sounds like a movie. You are not sure, but then you find it again on TV the following day. You’ve only glanced the picture of its hero the day before. Hellooo! Surprise, it was not a new movie; it was a real stabbing for that nice picture.

MobileCoin Chief Product Officer Bob Lee.Now and for several days the TV news focussed on solving that secret. A tech guy was killed. At first they didn’t know how that was done in the middle of the night close to his work station, but then a bit by bit, it was revealed that there was a girl behind that…..Interested to hear more, here

Instead of watching a movie, although there is a very nice one “The Secrets of Whales” on National Geographic Channel, you can read that stabbing story or murder:

4-inch kitchen knife, including twice in the chest, according to the documents. At least one of the stab wounds punctured Lee’s heart.

At one point, Momeni’s sister sent …

Next, you’ll get some updates for your trending news.

Until we talk again, be present for inspiration, with our hugs and kisses


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