Best Teachers!

Thank you for our friends from everywhere. 

What makes a good teacher is not a mystery.

I think that many of you have already known the answer to this. Recently, I have read a number of articles about this subject, and I have found too many different factors enlisted side by side, to come up with the magical combination of these qualities.

Many of these factors you agree with, and you encourage everyone who wants to be a teacher to adopt and follow.

From my own experience, the first and most important quality that is expected to be seen in a teacher is to be friendly and patient. Believe me being friendly is not an easy thing to do, and being patient is not any more the same meaning it used to be.SophieChannel NewYellos

Among all the great skills that I believe a teacher should have is to be well-prepared, ready for her class, creative, skillful enough to lead the class in the right direction according to her plan.

Also, a teacher should be simple, clear, and precise in everything she’s giving to her class. When she gives instructions for her class, she emphasizes what she expects from the students, after explaining how to do it.

The successful teacher is expected to be a good example for her students, so if she’s mean or nasty, the students will have a bad example, and it wouldn’t be OK to have that. It has consequences.

Being honest when dealing with her students, is one of the most desirable Image result for teacher drawingtrait and having an open door policy, to listen to her students. To be attentive, and alert for any emergencies that took place while she is in the class or outside it is also important for a good educator. Keep in mind that parents trust you with their own kids, and this is an honor to carry such a huge responsibility. Either you can handle it or not.

A good educator is seen to be in control of her/his temper. Sometimes classes have students with bad attitude, and unless the teacher is ready and fast in handling their strange bizarre goofy things, she would lose control of managing her class.

Many mentioned that the teacher should have sense of humor, which is of course great to have, but some teachers simply do not have it. Being witty is

not a skill that you can gain or train to be. May be what was meant was that the good teacher should have a calm smile, and positive reactions, not necessarily making farce jokes or act as a people’s pleas-er.

It’s nice to be funny and hospitable with your students, but you don’t need to be a comedian or a clown. The students love the natural teacher, the one who feels comfortable in her skin, no pretending is appreciated because it is lacking honesty.

In my opinion, it is hard to collect all the good qualities and skills a good teacher should have, but working as teacher is a challenge if you decide to pursue it, you’ve got to be ready for it. It’s a demanding profession and lately it has been dangerous one.

Until, we talk again, here’s our love, hugs, & kisses for all of you ❤



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