1Zumba’s Invite

Many thanks and gratitude for all readers who share our site, and who send us continuously their dear comments and insights. To everyone anywhere, we like to say thank you, with our special as usual for our new friends from the US, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, the UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal, n Mexico  😉

My Zumba friend, I miss you so much, n I’m not sure if you’d miss me too, but I’m waiting to know if you did  😉

I was watching what was popular on YouTube, then I came across this: it was so short but so hilarious:

I don’t know how it would reflect on you, but I have to share it, to try to give you a laugh 😉

If you like it you owe me one, send it right away to sophie@1zumba.com  🙂

A lot has been said about how to be a good Zumba teacher, instructor or trainer; whatever the title you use is I didn’t see clear outlines yet. Therefore, I thought, it’s good to have some  principles, at least from my readers viewpoints (Zin), since they feel a bit responsible for younger people.

  • Passionate and respectful: Treat everyone in your class as you would like to be treated by others.
  • Patience: Don’t be surprised or angry when someone miss your class. It’s not personal, it’s mainly due to life conflicts. If they enjoy it, they will keep coming back.
  • laughBe open to humor: Enjoy your moments with your class, it’s never supposed to be grim. Be willing to admit and laugh at your own mistakes. Incorporate humor whenever you can.
  • Plan for success: Success breeds success, and planning your choreography  for the next song will make you look better.
  • Reduce stress: Be sensitive to your attendants’ mood and energy, what would work today, probably would not work  tomorrow, or for another group.
  • Get to know your class members: it’s nice to build up a rapport with your students.
  • Correct errors with sensitivity: It doesn’t matter if someone did an error in the steps or the movements you present. No big deal. Let them have fun, unless you’re asked, be sensitive.
  • Guard the attendant’s privacy: Of course, this is abc…basis for any good relation.
  • Give clear directions using as few words as possible: using signs with your hands, head, or eyes would be ok, since the music does not allow your voice to be heard, it is good to come up with some mutual signals to facilitate your communication with your attendees.

Opening and closing your class session is basically your keys for success. Try to choose the best that would suit your class attendants, whether fast or slow rhythms, but make it memorable. Have your own signature melody when you close your class. Let this impact remains with your visitors until the next round. Be smart!

Oh, my Zumba friend, you’re always in a hurry 😮 Yes, that was about your students, how about you, yourself? Sure, I will tell you. You need to take care of yourself. You need to invest in yourself. Sure! http://womenslifestyle.com/invest-in-yourself/

If you like to know the latest methods in investing in yourself, here is what was written this week about it: http://workablewealth.com/7-ways-to-invest-in-yourself-this-year/



Let’s have one more laugh, haha!


Now, I’m not in a mood for party, but I was invited, and accepted the invitation. Should I just apologize for my friends, what do you think my Zumba friend? May be I should pull myself together, and go cheer up a little bit, right?  Why not since we had 1Zumba’s invite  😉invi

Love you all guys, have fun, and remember to send me more and more  😉

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