1Zumba Sun

Thank you dear friends. You are the bestest ever  😉

Our special appreciation today will go to new readers from the US, Brazil, India, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Spain, and Canada. Also, the new two friends from the UK. Oh my Goodness, we love you so much  😉

Hello my 1zumba friend! What’s up in your life?  A LOT! Yes, I know, it must be, but is this what you really want? Am saying, is this “A LOT” something you like it, or is it someone else in your circuit?

You know what? I have to run few errands, and come back to you to talk more. See you in a little bit….

rnFor the last ten days, we had rains. Horray! Horray! We have been praying for rains in CA for the last three years. Now it is here and you know what we started missing: our sun!

Yes, it true. We rarely see her nowadays. We used to see her regularly every single day. May be she is in vacation until we have enough rain so we would not be complaining no more.

Many years ago, I was walking with a friend, Hab, down town LA. It was so sunny , noon time approximately, and warm. Hab was applying for law schools such as Harvard http://hls.harvard.edu/, Yale Law School, and Stanford, at that time. Now he is a big attorney, but anyway, in the meantime, he was a talented carpentry designer. I never saw him crossed; he always had that calm smile, which I really admired a lot, coz it felt that he was in tranquility with himself.

While we were walking n talking, that young lady appeared out of the nowhere n stopped us. She was in pants holding a small mic in her hand, n a guy in jeans stood right there behind her, n she asked us if we were ok to have a fast video with her for a TV show, answering few questions. I looked at Hab n he nodded his head in agreement, so I answered her “Sure”.

Q: Do you like sunny days?
A: Yes sure, of course. (Both of us)
Q: Why?
A: When it is gloomy, I feel uncheerful for some reason. I have more energy when it is sunny and bright. It’s not the same for me when it’s dark. That was my answer.

They guy with her was having some large glowing shield, while she was holding the mic, n waving for him with her other hand to lower this or do that. Hab’s answer was so lengthy that it took the rest of the time of that interview. He said that he didn’t have a like or dislike relationship for the weather conditions or the sun, explaining that since it was not in his power to control any of them, he had to be accepting to all conditions. In his philosophy, it was acceptable and likeable to have his day sunny or not, since the Creator chose the best for us all.

The interesting thing about that incident was that, after the TV duet said thank you to us, we continued walking, then we remembered that we never asked them which channel it was or which show it was. We made some guesses about FOX, NBC, Disney, CNN, & others. None of them was correct. Can you imagine how ridiculous that was. Until this day, we never saw that interview, coz we were not focused, or, I don’t know exactly what were we thinking 😮

The solar system and the sun were always in my mind. Their unsolved puzzle need the attention of our new generation. It’s worth it! Media lately started opening the gates for our solar researchers and scientists, encouraging people to look into that fascinating world of ours. It is even more fascinating than many of us could realize. Just try to dig more, and you’d find out what I am talking about, and even more.

If you are thinking of applying to a law school, or any of your relatives, pls check the compare site, before you do that at: http://law-schools.startclass.com/ They have amazing grants and scholarships.  🙂

My 1Zumba friend, I told you to remember me, do you? Or do you keep thinking about our 1Zumba Sun?  😉

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