1Z? Butterfly ⊂|⊃ Dance?

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A. Were you ever been described as a butterfly?
B. What?

A. A butterfly!
B. Well, I don’t remember.

A. Ok, so this is yes.
B. Why are you asking?

A. Coz this means someone saw something in you, and used that expression, to let you know that you have it.
B. Wow! So what does it mean?

A. It has too many meanings. For one, it represents “a multicultural symbol of the beauty of Nature, appearing in numerous examples of nature scenes of many artistic styles.

Butterflies are included as elements of these scenes because they most effectively represent all positive characteristics of Nature.”
B. But a butterfly’s cycle of life is short, so it implies that I was seen as a short-life person?!

A. Not necessarily, and yes, you’re right. A butterfly does not live long. Sometimes, it’s two days, or two weeks. Generally speaking, due to their too many different kinds, its life is relatively short.
B. OMG! “and when all the wars are over, a butterfly will still be beautiful.” by Ruskin Bond, right?

GmA. Yes, the beauty of butterflies is enchanting & everlasting; their colors, their agility, their elegant movements in the air. They are full of life & beauty.
B. Does it have another meaning?

A. Yes, it could describe a person who jumps from one spot/group to another, or from one relationship to another, sucking the honey of each one she knows. Oh! I know that it is not you, to be described like that. May be someone else, haha!
B. How about if I see a butterfly in my dreams, does it have any meaning?

A. In the dreams’ interpretation world, yes, it has the meaning of a profound change in your life, and especially a successful step-forward kind of thing.
B. You know me, I never believed in dreams, I mean, not all of them exactly, coz some are really quite interesting, and bring something to you.

A. Me too, I think dreams bring some signals to us, if we remembered them clearly, sometimes, they lead us to something special.
-Butterflies are a great symbol for light motions, allure, submission (in a way); they do what they do in silence, they know what they are after, they are focused on the honey, and they give birth to a new generation, to continue their journeys.

-Another “butterfly”‘s meaning is used in the swimming techniques, and the last one is in the fitness via dancing, which is for a dance movement, for your knees. This video will show you how:

Another demo on how to do this dance movement is here:


Wow! Wow! This has been a lot of very constructive info, I’m really glad that we talked about our Butterfly Dance, my 1Zumba, today.

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