Reading minds is such an enjoyable experience but you’ve got to have the natural gift for doing it, do you?! 😉 Welcome and thank you dear readers and friends from the US, India, Indonesia, Spain, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Nigeria, and the UK 😉

Belly said we talked about the beauty of the entrance, the colors, the lights, and the set-up in general in your store, how about cleanliness?

That was a great question for us and it is very true. Cleanliness is an essential element in presenting the beauty of your products to your customers. It is not only that you get them out of their cartoons and place them on the shelves of your fixtures. It is more than that.Cleanliness-Sophie

Having your products clean with no dust on them nor on the shelves they are put on is prime. From the floor of your store all the way up to its ceiling everything in your store should be radiant clean. Of course you would select a good company for janitorial work.

Do not ever depend on your employees in cleaning your store. It is not their job!

Associates of your store should be focused on your customers. Never take their attention to anything else in your store. Even while organizing the products in their places, let them do a good job. Let them feel the beauty of the products they place, having moments of love for your products. This will help you get the best out of them. Let them appreciate the merchandise you’re asking them to handle. They in turn will convey that spirit of appreciation for your potential customers.


Some retail stores ask their associates to clean the toilets, to sweep the floor, or dust the merchandise. This is wrong! They should have a ready unit in their retail store for cleaning or handling any mess that happened in the store. You wouldn’t imagine how cleanliness in itself is an art. There are people who love to clean, and know how to do this job professionally. 

Of course, cleanliness is a relatively defined word. For me it could mean a tidy spotless table (no spots or stains on the table, the table-cloth, or the napkins). For someone else, it could be a completely empty wooden table with a sport of grease here or there without anything on it. Therefore, it is advisable that you and your janitorial unit agree on the terms of cleanliness you choose, or the definition of it, in order to have your expectations met.

Unquestionably, having your store shiny clean is one facet of the beauty you seek your customers to see and feel all the time. This will bring to your store the finest clients in your area. 

It’s exactly great to enjoy beauty!

Until we chat more about another element of beauty, enjoy yourself with our numerable subjects until you catch the one you want with our love and kisses ❤ 

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