Never change your charm for ultimately you are a citizen of the planet, and this planet needs you: your help, expertise, and your leadership! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, India, Peru, Slovenia, and Italy 😉

You’re no idiot, Kevin said. You’re a manager, but a new one, so what? All you need to know is that you’re not going to get along with everyone you meet, much less those people you meet on a daily basis.

You better learn some techniques that would arm you against unwanted situations when dealing with your employees.PoorEmployees

Vicky is an HR manager who has a small tight office, and a small cabinet full of files. Although the company she’s working for is hiring more than 2000 employees, yet they never change or upgrade the basic management spot which is located in a basement of a buildings in the bay area.Qatar Airways

Horrible place, cheap company, but this is beside the point. Vicky has nothing to do with management or HR management. She used to be a nurse assistant, moved to that area lately, and  a relative for one of the bosses there.

Not only that but also she had a real problem when communicating with others, which created problems with almost every employee in that company. Fred, Diane, and Kanji spoke very low of her. They said she earned disrespect from the majority coz she didn’t know how to respond appropriately to the emails she received from them. Her spelling mistakes and poor grammar were compelling.Geekstore

Added to that, she was so pessimistic and liar. She promised many times employees of solving their problems but she never did. Within a 3 months period, she was able Related imageto turn many employees against her, and eventually they resign. Vicky was fired after many complaints were submitted against her.

You don’t want to be Vicky, you want to maintain your sense of worth among co-workers/employees. You should develop your skills and understand that avoidance and aggression only make matters worse.

In our next post , we’ll give some useful tactics on how to minimize toxic behavior in any situation, and how to make positive changes in difficult people.

Until we chat again, you can relax with our updated topics list, and remember to comment with our hugs and kisses

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