Your Hair²!

The journey you’re about to embark upon is about you as well as others around you! 😉 Welcome back dear readers and friends from everywhere; especially the US and India! 😉

Image result for craziest hairCrazy hair!

The reason that topic came up was the memory of my friend Neveen whom we called Nevy!  

She used to talk, while we were having a study group at my place, with her fingers in between the bottom roots of the hair on her scalp and pull the hair out of her head. Every time she did that I got the chills and I wanted her to stop pulling her hair out like that, but she never stopped doing that.

She said it was some uncontrollable habit and that she couldn’t do anything about it.


Image result for latest crazy hairThere is a lot of crazy hair styles getting in in our community.


It’s full of creativity and fun! But the question is: are you willing or ready to try any of those styles? Well, it’s your hair!


Image result for latest crazy hair

You, as a parent, would you encourage your teenager to get her/his hair similar to the new trends in the new hair-style world?

We’d love to hear your views or comments about that, coz that has become an urgent question from many parents to educators.

Until we talk again, imagine yourself with all the topics, diving into one after the other, and getting all the fabulous ideas, with our hugs and kisses

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