Your Hotel?

Enjoy your achievements but never count them! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Nepal, India, Indonesia, Belgium, Italy, Malaysia,Qatar, Ukraine, Puerto Rico, Romania, Australia, Kenya, Philippines, Mexico, Portugal, the UK, Canada, and Japan! 😉

Were you ever interested in working in a hotel? Well, Michael said that he wanted to work in a swimming pool, and that one hotel in Las Vegas gave him that chance, which he took it right away.


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It’s a new hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada called New York-New York. It looks fabulous. You’d wonder how would they be able to manage that humongous place and keep it ready for their guests all the time.Geekstore

We were supposed to continue with another topic, but that was really interesting, coz a new job means a lot of new fun, don’t you think so? At least it is supposed to be so. Of course, Michael would find a lot of stories to tell us, once he is settled in his new job.imageMadeInWashington.comRemix by Rock Revival at Buckle!Until then, cheer up with our updated list, catch up with what you’ve missed, and you’d find plenty of ideas that are so inspiring, with our hugs and kisses ❤Coltorti BoutiqueQatar AirwaysGeekstore


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