Open your arms to good things, just trust your Creator! 😉 Well, welcome back dearest friends writers readers and all, from the US, Serbia, the UK, Greece, China, Oman, Indonesia, Curaçao, and Canada! 😉

You’ve heard it before and you’re hearing it now “Conflict of Interest”. It is usually used as a legal term when doing business. Why do you hear it now? Coz some prefer to make gains rather than to save lives.vlahovic-spain-banks

Some departments promote Asian products from places where the plague is still there. It doesn’t make any sense. Bob said: “It’s so irritating to hear or to watch that happening” in a State that had the highest death percentage of Virus.

People are dying in large numbers everywhere but this is not enough for some to stop. The same people who are ready to sell war tools and to encourage wars are after money. They didn’t learn the lesson, but they will. They will when they are infected  by that terrible disease or their families are.

It would be too late to enjoy gains then!

Until we chat again, thank your Creator n promise to stay away from wars when you’re saved with our hugs and kisses


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