Is this Foolish?

If you fear your Creator, you’d be saved! 😉 Hello and welcome to your site dear friends writers readers and all from the US, the UK, Serbia, China, Oman, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Greece, China, and Canada! 😉

Is it true? Oh no, the same question again?

Save the Date for Laurel Springs School Prom & GraduationMaya talked to her boyfriend about perfection saying that there was no longer Ms./Mr./ Mrs. Perfect any more. He said: “there was never one”, agreeably.

She didn’t like it. She wanted him to argue and to take a stand. Is this foolish or what?

Each good person tries his/her best. In old days, due to the profound ethical basis that parents tried to bring up their kids following it, the same way they were taught, probably no longer exists. However, there are good people who make true attempts in being good the way they think it is.

Until we chat again, there’s always more to know and more to say with our hugs and kisses


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