Dearest friends from everywhere, welcome back for more to know! 😉

Sometimes numbers do not add up. Numbers could be played with the way some dictatorial entity wants! 😉

Jack noticed that shift in numbers over night, and asked Mary: “How come that someone who is followed by millions and millions of people from everywhere, by the Power of God, a 100,000 of his followers disappeared over-night?”

Mary said: “Yes, I saw that on Twitter, and I still do not understand why the President until now he did not control the bad insulting way that his account was dealt with on the part of this Media Source. Even if he was another user, there shouldn’t be any interference in what s/he wants to say. If there is something wrong, they can prove it, instead of putting cages on his materials without being qualified to be judges on people’s intentions or words.”Explain

Jack looked at her and then looked up at the ceiling gasped and said: “It’s a war between a very special user and some loose irresponsible party who seems to be careless to care for people who are watching what’s going on, and instead of abandoning the President, they join and support him more. They are gone crazy, they no longer hide their dislike and they do not know what else they can do to control the whole world”.

88.8 M-88.7 M = 100.000   🙄

Two bright students who did not have answers, what do you think? Can you explain?

Until we chat again, Berkeley was empty with no students in its streets as usual so pray for that plague to disappear and save our people, with or hugs and kisses

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