Goodbye 2020!

Open your heart, clear your conscience and you will make it happen! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends everywhere: the US, the UK, Canada, India, Australia, Bangladesh, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Algeria, Thailand, China, Ireland, Italy, Singapore, Isle of Man, Argentina, Japan, Belgium, Taiwan, Germany, and our new friends from Isle of Man, and all! 😉

One more night and that is it. The 2020 will be history like everything else around you, it keeps disappearing from your life every single day and every single moment.

Well then Goodbye 2020 Goodbye!

Goodbye with all the pain and the suffering that you had to go through with all the memories you accumulated within it, you’d say farewell forever coz you’ll never see it again.Sophie2021It is kind of depressing, but it is a fact and how rare this is nowadays. Yes, you no longer live with facts. Instead, you live with illusions.

Two of my neighbors found out a new scheme that stores do when you’re returning a product that you found defected or is unwanted any more for any other reason.

The new scheme is that they return to your credit/debit an amount of money less that the amount that you paid. Sally said that she purchased a heating unit from Target and when she found it too small, she wanted to exchange it for a bigger one, but there weren’t any bigger sizes. Instead, they told her that she could return it and later on within 10 day they could have the size she wanted.

So far, it went well. What went wrong was that when she returned back home and took a look at the receipt, she found $100 less in the receipt than the price she paid, so instead of returning the full amount which was more than $300, their register programs made a mistake.

Can you believe this? The machines are conning people. You wouldn’t expect that, but it happened with another person, Nelly, who went to JC Penny or Macy’s and the same situation occurred, but it was a different product.

It is clearly a huge error, and they should fix their registers or whatever is causing those inappropriate mistakes or else they could be accused of fraud.

I wonder if those two didn’t pay attention to their receipts, they could have lost their money and never figure out their wrong statements.

It is a new year and a new hope. Ask your Creator to help you in this New Year. Ask for forgiveness and mean it. Ask for guidance and love.

Until we chat again, be content thankful and get more satisfaction from being inspired and giving birth to new prosperous ideas, with our hugs and kisses

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