Mastering Writing²!

Welcome back dearest friends everywhere!


The one thing that could really bring your talent in is to have your own style. Your style will be manifested gradually in your writings. It is not happening over night. It takes time, SophieMasteringWritingpatience, and a lot of writing. Most probably your style might be noticed by someone else before you know it. When that happened only then you will be the master of your writing.

Every time you write a piece you need to dig deeper into the bottom of your thoughts to pick up the right rhythm; and, with that you will shingle and mingle your mind writing pebbles that you have stored over the years somewhere in your mind. Finally you will burst out your mind’s product in words that are unique in your own style.

Pay attention though, writing styles is different from writer’s style 🙄 May be we should explain more about this point in coming posts. 

Once you shake it up and put it all together, you are there. You are mastering your writing.

Until we chat again, be cheerful and caring for you never know what tomorrow will bring you with our hugs and kisses


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