A Camouflage!

Great Friday! The luckiest is the one who can see the family frequently! 😉  Welcome back dearest friends from the US, Indonesia, Canada, Philippines, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Switzerland, India, and all! 😉

B: I think you always forget the drill.

A: How?

B: You make “diversion- you make a lot of noise over there so that you can get what you want over here.” other side. Do you remember that movie of Pierce Brosnan, Rene Russo, what was it called? 

A: “The Thomas Crown Affair.” Now, you have the vaccine/s and all other tools to defeat that cursed virus. There is no need to stop your life out of fear anymore. And yes, it is fearful but at least now you have options to survive.

B: The President was invited to visit the borders so was the vice President but they declined. So move on, he might have a plan for those children.

A: Oooh! Got you. Then you should secure and protect your borders as a State; you do not need to cry for help like a baby. Is this what you mean?


B: Not only that. Instead the focus should be on the priorities: your real problems: Your rights, your Constitution, your money (Spending), your Supreme Court, your Elections, your poverty, your internal issues: housing, homelessness, mental health, inflation especially in CA, and others.

A: Hmm, so you think that all media cries of Russia Russia is nothing but a camouflage for something else which is run between China and the US?

B: Oh, what I am saying is that: it is a pattern. No wasted time on answering any questions or accepting any advice or invitation. Only using the pattern and instruct the media and other bodies.

A: Actually I heard something similar from a neighbor who works at the Post Office. What is the remedy then for all of this? What do you think? So every time they want to pass any unconstitutional thing, they will drive your attention to something else through the media or other channels.

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B: I’ll call you later…

Until we chat again, invest in new free minds and catch up with what you’ve misses, it might be a lot with our hugs and kisses

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