Your world is so unique but still unexplored enough! 😉

You have a very special elephant for more than two decades.

SophieSilverElephantAlthough it is functionally is a lighter, yet you never really used it in lighting your pipe, cigarettes, or candles. It has been there forever for you. Even when you moved from city to city, it hangs up there with you.

Now, it is hard for you to get rid of this cute elephant or give it away to any of your friends? Obviously, the reason is a combination of factors: passion, love, admiration, and others.

The question is: Is it dummy to have some affection for a piece of metal? Is it due to your artistic appreciation for this elephant that you can’t get rid of it?

Or is it rather the attachment you developed towards that silver piece? The funniest part about it is that you don’t even remember where you bought this elephant from.

Until we chat again, get your inspiration everyday, with our hugs, & kisses BASU eAlarm® WRX 120dB Emergency Alarm (Wearable Model)

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