Last Seen Alive!

Spread good cheerful ideas among others! 😉

How did they know about which gas station the victims were going to use? It was not random; it was planned. How did they know the exact time?

Kidnapping is a heartbreaking subject. When you hear about it, you feel that everything around you is upside down even if you were only a far acquaintance to the victims family; but when you watch it in the movies, you think if your reaction will be the same one that the families of the victims have.

This weekend, your recommended movie involves kidnapping, but it is felt unrealistic in some parts:

Gerard Butler, as usual, very much into his role, but the truth is how could one person go through all of that in few hours of one day? As for Lisa (the wife), she could have done better in playing that role, what do you think?

It is smart to call it: “Last Seen Alive” and it only leaves ladies with one question: “where to find all these good qualities in their search for a partner” as my neighbor commented after watching it. 🙄

Until we talk again, try to catch, up with the inspiration you’ve missed, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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