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Why didn’t you do your Thanksgiving homework? Most importantly is to make a list of all the wonderful healthy festive kind of foods you will serve on your table.The most beautiful turkey you'll ever see: the Ocellated Turkey, native to  Mexico. | Beautiful birds, Pet birds, Weird animals

Thanksgiving festivities generally revolve around tables filled with delicious seasonal foods. While it’s tempting to indulge in sugary sweets . . . .

It is really simple to make this list, keeping in mind that there is always a little bit of room for junk unhealthy food for kids.

Beautiful Turkey Bird - Paint By Numbers - PremiumPaintByNumbers.COMThe unwanted unhealthy items may include: Pecan Pie, Rolls, alcohol, Cranberry Sauce, Chocolate, pizza, Basbousa, etc…

As for the reasonable healthy food, you can list Green Peas, Yam, and most of all Turkey. As a matter of fact the turkey meat can be eaten all year round for all ages.

Until we talk again, be ready to surprise us, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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