Invited to Talk!

Feeling that you are loved, cared for, and appreciated is just great! 😉  

YWomen speaking at a podium animation #372512 at Graphics Factory.ou were asked “Have you ever performed on stage or given a speech? This question took you to the past, and as you know the past has its ups and downs.

At first, you remembered while invited to attend be an opening speaker in a conference, you were given a chance to talk about any subject you want as an opening for this event, which was, for you and maybe for others too, a great honor. You prepared for that speech and you discussed it with the person-in-charge for preparing that day.

You thought that everything would go great bc 1) You prepared well, 2) You knew well the subject matter, which was related to writing, but storms could come from the nowhere.

You stood at the podium, as instructed, and after the committee (6-7 professors sitting on a table in the front of the Hall) welcome the attendants. When they are done, the organizor introduced you to the guests and the topic 19 Public speaking clipart - Graphics Factoryyou’re going to talk about. Then what? You’d be totally surprised of the unexpected. 

In your next post, you’ll know what it was.

What a surprise, what do you think happened? 🙄

Thank you for spending time with us all friends from: the US, the UK, Spain, Australia, India, Canada, Philippines, Nigeria, Germany, Mexico, Portugal, Kenya, Hungary, China, South Korea, Colombia, Argentina, Maylasia, Japan, Ireland, Indonesia, Finland,  Tailand, Pakistan, Russia, Macedonia, France, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Albania, Lebanon,  Finland, South Africa, Brazil, and all ❤ 

Until we chat again, be here be near be inspired, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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