Do it Right!

You wok hard but you need to clearly aim at your goals! 😉

200330154257-01-coronavirus-las-vegas-homeless-0329-exlarge-169“Why is it all inappropriate handling, these are people not lost pets?” “Do you understand how enormous this is?”

“Yes, of course by now everyone must have heard about it” “Really? Then why nothing happened in years to protect these people?”

“It is the most serious issue in the US (CA no.1) at the present time, but no serious attention is given and no plans are successfully excuted so far. Not a single city is able to solve a simple human homeless status although they calim that they have the funds.”

its-an-art-to-helping-the-homelessHomeless main reasons are:

. financial problems

. addiction,

. sickness, or others

. poverty; one might lead to another or could be variant in nature but at least you have the main categories that are idnetified as major reasons for homelessness.


m&r1.You need to build low income units so these people will feel some dignity. If you can’t cover all of them, deal with them temporarily like immigrants, put them in nice tents in an area where you can provide them with bathrooms and human facilities.

2. You have an endless number of vacant buildings for a reason or another, use them, give them to people who might live there; make them useful assets. The ones which have problems in their buildings, fix those problems and make it inhabitants for needy people.

This Oakland homeless encampment will be co-run by the residents themselves3. It is unjust to see people neglected in the streets the way they are. Put a cover on their heads in this freezing winter. Ask well-off people to adopt one needy. If you have a good heart , these are not pets, these are humans. 

“Why is it only solutions by words? Programs that doesn’t work? Written lines without dynamics?” “Paralysis: appointed employees who don’t know what to do or how to really help and solve this pandemics of homelessness?”

It is time to do it right!

In your next, another element for cheerfulness.

Until we chat again, always expect the truth to pop up, with our hugs and kisses ❤


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