Ex Doortag!

Nothing is in your hands, just do your best! 😉

FedEx, Executive digest Cartoon, SEEKING MORE ROOM: Frederick S...Did it happen to you too? Do you think that they want to have more profits at your expense? Why large businesses are so greedy like this? Their revenue surpass the 22 billions of dollars?

The other day, you found a something called “doortag” stuck to the door of your home entrance. You were surprised to see your apartment no. written very big on it. Following that normally you read it trying to find out what’s going on.

The next thing to occur is that you find yourself in a vortex just for the sake of reaching out to anyone who is an agent, a representative, or a customer service person. Guess what! There is no such a thing. Fedex enjoys the torture of people.

♠Welcome back friends from the US, Greece, the UK, Germany, Taiwan, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Ireland, Canada, India, Finland, Netherland, Spain, Pakistan, China, and all!

Cartoon of the Day: Special DeliveryWhy? Bc when you receive a package, you’re eager to find out what it is and from whom it is sent, etc.. First, the deliever man did not get inside the building, he wasn’t able to access the code, so he stuck that label on the outer door, writing the apartment number inofrming that s/he missed you, but he didn’t 🙄 You know better.

When Robots Attack - An Enterprise Spam Call Defense Strategy - MutareThere is no more customer service. It’s mostly a machine now. No, this is not true. Reputable businesses, understand the important of having a human agent/rep bc there are times when the machine is easily stuck in a stupid question according to the bad programming. But Fedex can’t change anything. They save a lot not paying for customer service. Don’t they profit enough?

You really like Fedex but the way they do not consider people’s preference is discouraging. A lot is written on Google, bitter complaints. You wish that they read it, but they definitely did. 🙄

Until we chat again, nice days come and go, catch any of them with our hugs and kisses ❤



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