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AntiAbortionWell, why is it so hard to understand that although you are given a body, you don’t own it. Having a body, in reality does not mean that it is yours. You can’t control your body, but you think you can. The truth is: you can’t.

You have to accept that there is a Creator who decides everything inside your body. When you were born, you were inside the body of someone else.

You may say this was somebody else, not me, I’m not that female and I’m free to do whatever I like with my body, but it is not as easy as you think it is. Freedom does not mean you are allowed to hurt an egg inside of you, you’re free to take your own life, let alone ending a very young life; a tiny helpless cell that wants to live

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How cruel it is to kill a very tiny cell? How cruel it is to kill a blossoming seed which could be have feelings and unkown future?

It is not about your uturus or your body which you can’t control, it is about a fetus who wants to live and enjoy life the way you do.

So long that you are able of carrying a baby, it is a bless; otherwise, if you were critically sick, it might be the only reason for you not to try to be preganat. Keep in mind that if you deceive the people around you, there is Your Creator who is watching you all the time. 

It is not about your freedom, ladies, or your rights, it is about an innocent baby cell. Do you want to be a baby-killer? 

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