1Zumba Pizza

Thanks for our new readers from the US, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, New Zealand, Portugal, Oman, France, and Australia. To our current friends very special greetings for each one of you 😉

I really LOVE Pizza! Who doesn’t? True. Too many people love Pizza, and the same goes for Zumba. Many people love Zumba. Both words “Pizza” and  “Zumba” end in the letter “A”, and both have the letter “Z”.  So may be the “AZ” in common is the reason behind love for both, haha!

pzPeople probably have preference for  one specific combination or the other; I mean in Pizza or in Zumba.

Few people do not like  Pizza for they consider it unhealthy food.

But since 1Zumba can make you lose weight, so you can eat everything you like including Pizza, then lose these extra calories with our Zumba class.

Pizza is developed into other shapes and other formats, exactly similar to 1Zumba and it growth. The last invention in the Pizza world was that gigantic  vending machine which produce one Pizza every three minutes.

“Where is this vending machine?”, my 1Zumba friend asked me. “Why is it prevented from entering the US? Why other people in other countries enjoy those machines while we don’t? We envy them. Probably it is bad for our local Pizza business, who knows? They always like to make more profits, even if the price is to have the people living like underdeveloped countries; it doesn’t matter.”

Well! Be patient, my dad used to say: “Avec de la patience, on arrives à tout”, which means with some patience, one can arrive to everything.

1Zumba will solve all these issues soon. Just keep zumba, and keep asking for the things you wish to have in your home country, and someone will hear your voice, and will try to get you what you want.

1Zumba will help you vent all your disappointments n frustrations, and gives you hopes in solving many of your problems in the near future.

Now, let us enjoy our 1Zumba Pizza, you and I   😉

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