On the Road⁴!

If you can ride a horse, you can join the game; otherwise, keep watching! 😉 Hello everyone! Welcome back friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Brazil, Trinidad & Tobago, Romania, and India 😉

“When we arrived at the intersection of  Walnut Ave (Bancroft Rd on the other side) & Ygnacio Valley Rd, the traffic was so jammed up. Naturally my car became closer to hers, and I could see her face more clearly,” Flanner described.

“I wanted to make up a name for her, but then I thought no, let it be a surprise if I ever talked to her. She had the softest skin I’ve ever seen, although I didn’t touch it, but that was how I perceived it from my car
Her hair was still all messed up by the wind, and it was extraordinary style although it was  just lying there undone on her shoulders and some scattered  down on her face. It was exhilarating!”

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“We stopped again at the next stop-light, and I could see that she was re-situating her car‘s middle mirror or removing something of it, while I was grabbing my bottle of water. It was warming up and I felt so thirsty. I thought if I had my binoculars, which I used in watching the birds, I could have been able to see her more clearly.”

Qatar Airways

Flanner was in a melancholy state of mind or a kind of  unstable thoughts rushing all at the same time to his mind, saying: “Again, I kept asking  myself if I went bananas or if my mind was just playing games on me to keep me busy while driving on  the road?Was it the heat and the busy traffic? Oops, another car cut me down and took my spot behind my lady, what should I do now?”


That was a dilemma for Flanner losing his baby on the road!

Until we chat again about Flanner and what he did, get your inspiration being among our topics, with our hugs and kisses ❤


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