On the Road⁶!

You are on the very top where nobody can stay forever! 😉 Appreciating your comments and suggestions, dear friends from everywhere: the US, Trinidad & Tobago, Germany, Brazil, India, Romania, Cameroon, Russia and the UK !

Believe it or not Flanner didn’t stop there. That guy went so far in his wild imagination. He gave descriptions for things that didn’t exist; at least for his lady. Can you see how he was in an awkward delusional state of mind?  He needed someone to wake him up of his romance 🙂

Nevertheless, he had fun. He had his music on and he lived the moment of one new love coming into his life. He longed for moments of love as if he was deprived of having one. That was one product of your community dear friends. 🙄

You could see, in his own mind,  how he felt about that totally strange-to-him lady; he wanted her to be to his side, while he actually had a fiancee of whom he, not for a single moment, thought. Don’t you wonder how an engaged guy had all that kept passion in his heart, body, or mind? 
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Anyway our intention here not to criticize Flanner but rather to share his story with you.

Thus the poor gentleman continued running after that lady in her fancy white top, and her white car but there was a distance now where the speed was increased to 55 m/h and his baby flew as if deciding to flee his fling before it started. To that he went more crazy, he was panting trying to catch up with her, and not to let any other car in between them. In the meantime, he was trying to find any paper in his glove compartment to write his phone number. He felt fire inside of him as he said.

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He said: “I just wanted one day with her, nothing more! I didn’t dream of more. That was how I felt about her after getting closer to my place, and where Clayton Rd will intersect the Ygnacio Valley soon. I totally understood she was above my limits. She looked high-maintenance style, so one day or even half day or a tiny bit of a day would be enough for me.”


“I was able to find a paper, where I wrote ‘have dinner with me and my phone number’, and I fold it once, getting ready to maneuver my car next to her at that coming intersection,” he wrote.

Until we chat about Flanner’s success or failure in his attempt to approach that lady, keep hanging up there around our topics, and get your nectar of inspiration, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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