On the Road⁷!

Pointless, having exercise without sleep, which absolutely should get your full attention for your highest success! 😉 Hello and welcome back friends and readers from everywhere: The US, the UK, Spain, Lebanon, Malaysia, South Africa, India, Finland, Belgium, Germany, and Hungary! 😉

Flanner was still in his chase behind that attractive lady, and determined to challenge himself to win that round no matter what. He convinced himself that nothing could stop him from winning her heart.

At that intersection, I remember the six lanes: one taking you to the right direction


Clayton Rd,two to the left of Clayton Rd , and three to go in straight directions. My lady was supposedly going to be either in the very right lane, or the second one, since she has been driving on the right lane for a distance. Who knows may be she’s going to Pittsburg too. Anyway, I wanted to be next to her instead of behind her car, so that I would be able to hand her the note I wrote, asking her out for dinner,” Flanner wrote.

“Suddenly I had a terrible headache, you know that kind of pain that would make you unable to open your eyes, as if someone hit me on the head. I’m thinking I need some Aspirin, but instead, I tried to open my eyes coz I want to give her that note in my hand!”

Qatar Airways

Flanner did open his eyes, to find himself surrounded by his mom on one side, his finacée on the other, and two other strangers at the door. He felt thirsty so he asked for some water. His fiancée went to get him some water, and he thought that he was in a dream, but “My mom had tears in her eyes saying: “Thank God that you made it, and here’s the paper they found in your hand”; only then I surmised what had happened to me on the road!

Until we talk again about someone else other than Flanner, keep busy with our topics, get all kinds of inspiration, with our hugs and kisses

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