Being Married!

You live your life, and you leave your life, without knowing everything about your life! 😉 Welcome back friends and readers from the US and everywhere else! 😉

“Wow” is it a word that is getting old?  Let’s think of some new alternative then.

Maya showed us an online source which talked about being married two weeks ago, answering the question of:  “Which is better being married or being single?”Qatar AirwaysIt was pretty good. Here’s its link if you like to check on it. All in all and briefly it gave you the pros and cons of marriage, but it considered them as advantages and disadvantages of marriage. I wonder if we can agree to that classification.

sophiebeingmarriedJazmin summarized the pros for you here:

. May be you can get some financial benefits.
. Taxes are often lower for you when you file as married couple.
. Inheritance can be easier to sort out when you’re married.
. Burdens and responsibilities are shared giving  you less stress and worries.
. You will be having kids which can go both ways but mostly good.
. You’d be living with someone who gives you company.
. Investing in future generations.
. Stability and content.

Maya said the writer should have added sexual fulfillment as one of the pros. In the meantime, Jazmin noticed that the word “Love” was never mentioned in among all those pros or what he called advantages. What do you think?

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