Luck is on your side, just use it wisely to get the best for your people! 😉 Welcome back friends and readers from everywhere: the US, the UK, Albania, India, Romania, Philippines, China, and Italy! 😉

Here’s the thing: Do you really want the caravan to enter your country? Paul said: “the only downer about that will be, from now on, every single day you’ll find a larger caravan waiting at your borders to enter. So, is this what you want?”Geekstore Christmas JumpersThink about it and be honest with yourself if you really care about your country. Unless it is not your country, then, you don’t need to bother about it, you’d be rather like a viewer watching what is going on there at the borders.Coltorti BoutiqueHey, I got distracted for a moment by a new relaxation audio CD that I received last week. I thought I could try to check on its contents while writing but it didn’t work. May be later I’ll tell you what happened when I tried.Qatar AirwaysAs for the question we received about being single or getting married and have the risk of being cheated by your spouse or the opposite, Rafael and Michelle found it very complicated to be answered, due to the very unsimilar relationships that each one of you live. 

Just imagine how many combinations that it could be there with being married or being single. It’s a tremendous number of hypothetical situations an conditions. It could be infinite. The best way to get to some conclusions is to talk about being single or being married by itself ; each separate from the other, but that will be in another post! 🙂

Foreo International“When you go out in a holiday, it feels a bit sad”, Peter said while we were chatting about what each one of us did during Thanksgiving. “I stopped by T-Mobile store, it Sophie4Lineswas closed, but there was no sign that said it was closed for such  or such reason …..j just felt it was not right.

God! Is it so hard to respect their customers and put an adequate sign? Also, I noticed an ad for having 4 lines for the price of $30 n when I called they said it was meant to be for each line, is this how you interpret what was written on that poster? (showing us the picture he took), or is it another form of marketing cheating language?”, he continued.

Michael stopped him saying: “Oh, man, you need a burger and fries right now to deal with all those issues, hahaha”. 

Until we chat again, here’s plenty to catch up with and think of, if you really into getting a genuine new inspiration. Always expect more from our topics with our hugs and kisses ❤ Geekstore


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