Chase Cheese³

It’s meritorious changing the whole game! 😉 Welcome back friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Uganda, Vietnam, Philippines, China,the UK, Mexico, Canada, India, Italy, Aruba, Indonesia, Spain, and Portugal!! 😉

Children can be fun. Yes or No?

Image result for kidscards storiesIt all depends. For you, it could be a blessing, for someone else, it could be a curse. This is the case for everything in your life, right? What you might consider a treasure, someone else might see it a trash.

When Sally goes to any store, she always starts with the children corner. She adores kids but she doesn’t have any. She is not married yet. 

Anyway, I meant to talk to you about Chase, but I totally forgot that I didn’t complete his story yet. Catching back with what you’ve missed here. At that moment, when Chase’s new friend was shouting his name, he had his back to her, re-examining the food table. sophcandlesSamantha waved at him from a distance but she was talking to Bob about candles. Once she started describing candles, their colors, smell, occasions, expressions, and more, she would never done. That was her favorite subject. She told him that candles express:
. Love
. Saying Goodbye
. Some religions
. Romantic scent for a special setting
. Occasions BD
. Celebration
. Decorative items i.e. spa
And most of all:
. Sadness

Chase definitely waved back to Samantha. He was so careful with appearances. His family raised him up in a way that you would think that he was a snob, until you talk to him, you’d find out that he was down to earth person.Qatar AirwaysChase looked like Leonardo DiCaprio. A number of people told him that. He absolutely knew about that resemblance and I guess he was kind of living that role. In a way he was personalizing that actor, but truly I’m not sure if that was done intentionally or not.

Chase was not in a hurry. He took his time selecting some olives, salmon, beets, and crackers missing his new friend’s shouts. (Follow for more .…)Geekstore

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