What makes you unique is that you can see things others never see! 😉 Welcome back friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Thailand, the UK, Germany, Bulgaria, Canada, Italy, Austria, the UAE, Hungary, Switzerland, Nepal, Netherlands, Russia, Mexico, Australia, Ukraine, Costa Rica, and India! 😉

“Being continuously exposed to fake media is the worst thing that could happen to a group of people who want to build trust with their sources of news”, Irene, a student at Berkeley.

Qatar Airways

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For example, a cameraman who has bias against American people being raised up in Mexico or any other country. There he is in the middle of the crowd asking them about the borders, recording the opinions of people, and when he edited his work, he only presented the opposing individuals to the wall; only the people giving all kinds of disagreement, erasing all the voices that told him that they needed the walls or that they are completely with securing their Southern borders.GeekstoreIGXO CosmeticsIt doesn’t matter why he did that, but what matters is that he misrepresented the truth. He betrayed the trust that was given to him from his newspaper. His boss in that newspaper assumed that he was true, but he was not. The boss kept defending his agent thinking that he was honest in his work, and so forth.

Being impartial means not being prejudiced towards or against any particular side, and to be fair and balanced. This is a tough one. All journalists have their own views, and yet, to deliver comprehensive and authoritative coverage of news and current affairs they must rise above their own personal perspective.

This is one real example that takes place right now among the innocent people. Other examples of bubbling will come to you in a moment!


Until we talk again, check back on some of the important facts that were presented to you, you’ll get your new plot, and more with our hugs and kisses ❤


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