Your Fortune!

Amazing how things go so fast as if you’re living a movie! 😉 Welcome back dearest writers readers friends from everywhere: the US, Vietnam, Germany, the UK, Australia, Portugal, India, and Nigeria! 😉

What will you say if someone told you that you’ve got a fortune?

First thing that would come to mind would be: SophieCoins
where is it?

A surprise will bring you a vague answer:
You already have it.

(In your mind), he’s making a joke but then you’ll ask again: “Ok, where is it”
It’s under your hand right now.

Oh! Do you mean this computer?
No, I mean your coins.

What coins?
The ones you have here and there..

These are my son; he likes to play with coins since he was a kid.

Some of them are quite valuable and i take it that you don’t know about’m.

Not at all. I just watch him when he inspect each one of them as if they were from another planet.

Congrats, Mam!
I’ll give you $5,000.00 right now if you’re welling to sell.


For these coins, they’re not even come to $10 count, why?

Until we chat again, let’s see what fortune will come to you with our hugs and kisses

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