Overcome Uncertainty³!

Tell us something cheerful we never heard before! 😉 Dearest friends, welcome back to your pages from everywhere: the US, the UK, Canada, Paraguay, India, Japan, Pakistan, South Africa, Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany, Turkey, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Philippines, the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Tunisia, and all! 😉

If you followed the steps including the two previous posts, there is a high chance that you’d do it.

. Free yourself of all burdens: when you are trying to clear your mind and how-to-manifest-an-abundant-life-in-an-uncertain-world-400x209-1hitting a certain goal, just relieve yourself of all bags you carry on your shoulders whether it’s a bill that you need to pay on time or a phone-call that you forgot to make. Forget about all of that.

. Tell yourself that there is nothing important than you at this specific time coz you’re trying to overcome an issue that is bothering and irritating you. You need to take good care of yourself first before thinking of anything else.

. Have an appealing glass of water sitting next to you. Take a sip from time to time.

. Have your cell-phone handy but do not answer your phone just mute its ring. Do not text while in technique time. Ignore all disturbing sources.

. Free yourself of all deadlines you have in your mind or in your schedule.

. Dismiss any disturbing notions and thinking of any person whose opinions irritate you.

. Keep focusing on your well-being.

. Some light physical exercise like moving your head to the right or the left, moving your arms up and down, moving your legs to side or pretend marching.

. Keep thinking positively rejecting thoughts that would change your mood.

. Write down what bothers you and its source then throw the paper in the basket and talk to a friend about it if it is still bothering you.

It’s important to try to heal yourself before anything else. If your symptoms of stress, hesitation, uncertainty or tension became overwhelming, ask a specialist opinion and try to follow advice

. Stop counting. It’s exhausting like the bad news.

Your body produces positive vibes which is really healing. You can heal yourself from all emotional stress.

Try it.

Until we chat again, there’s a lot to say and a lot to write and the key is getting inspired with our hugs and kisses

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