Fresh-Air Classes!

You always have wishes and wants that never stop, do you know why? 😉 Welcome back wonderful friends everywhere: the US, the UK, India, Australia, Italy, China, and all! 😉

You talked about this weeks ago and other countries starting applying it even before you do. People do not waste time now when it comes to a new working idea.

For some reasons, a lot of time is wasted in discussion about how to go back to school, and while some feel it is hard to be done, the majority have already started Fresh-Air setting or Outdoor learning. Why do you have to wait until seeing somebody else doing it?SophieFresh-airLearning

Fresh-air schooling doesn’t have to be for Yoga or hiking or others activities only, it should be applied to other fields of learning as well. Here are the reasons under the threat of being infected with COVID: Science stated that there are plenty of benefits for working in the Fresh air:

1- It may improve your memory and your students as well.
2- It can improve teamwork relationships and feelings of trust.
3- It provides you with energy. 
4- It boosts your problem solving skills 60%
5- it reduces your stress.
6- It is 10 times less toxic than indoor air.FreshAir
7- It increases your white blood cells which is more immunity system.
8- It will help you with sleeping better.
9- 90% of your vitamin D is provided by the sunlight which protects you against arthritis, dementia, and auto immune diseases.
10- Outdoor work provides more natural light that helps lessen your chances of getting depression.
11- your concentration will increase by 8%
12- Outdoor work can lower the risk of early mortality.
13- 450 calories approximately can be burned every hour of your Fresh air work
14- 30 minutes outdoors may help decrease your blood pressure if it went up.
15- Fresh air learning can decrease being sick times for you and your students. It will add fun and cheerfulness to your classes.

Remember that this is a temporary situation until all people got the vaccine; it will not continue forever unless you find out the value of being outdoor.

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