Food Prices Inspectors!!

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In your opinion, who is responsible for this?Food prices set to rise in 2016 as weak loonie takes a bigger bite | CBC  News

Some entities are taking advantage of you. You are aware of that but you do not know what else you can do to stop that greed and to have a good life for yourself and your family.

See the source imageIt is sad to see people inspect food items prices and return it back to shelves.

It feels creepy and CA is supposed to be a rich state, but not any more 😦

The prices of food have gone up like crazy, did you notice that? And you know what else is so funny, it’s the size of bottles, cans, or any food container. it seems as if there is no supervision whatsoever over the food outlets. Is there any? 

Qatar Airways

Good Media! You really need to help for this issue is serious for the majority of the American people. You need to find out who is behind the continuous increase of food Prices!

Due to all what you are going through, it doesn’t seem to be working when talking about issues that affect your household directly.

You are tired of irregularities. You are tired of prices going up while there is no income coming in, and your communities are busy with the COVID19 which is suffocating.

See the source imageGas & Food Prices Keep Rising — Here's How to Save on Both - The Krazy  Coupon LadyUntil we chat again, share your story and send your great comments or emails, we appreciate your unique responses with our hugs and kisses


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