Phase 6!

What a surprise to have a smoky day turning into a light Spring breeze! 😉 Your inspiring post is here for all friends wherever you are: the US, Colombia, the UK, Bulgaria, Canada, India, Malaysia, Bahrain, Russia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Cameroon, France, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, Turkey, Finland, American Samoa, Bosnia & Herzegovina,  Pakistan,  India,  China, Congo- Kinshasa, Australia, the UK,  Netherlands  Ireland, Ecuador, Spain, Hungary, Belgium, Thailand,  Brazil, Costa Rica, Philippines, Vietnam, Nigeria, Serbia, Poland, Japan,  Nigeria, Trinidad & Tobago, Indonesia, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, El Salvador,  Réunion, Bangladesh, South Korea, Egypt, Nepal, Poland, Italy, Hong Kong, Belarus, and all! ;

So far you’ve read these posts:
* Phase 1: Building up your good appearance and character
* Phase 2: How to find your prospective husband, running a background check, Grabbing attention
* Phase 3: Successful Dating
* Phase 4: First Three Weeks of Dating
* Phase 5:  Future Plans’ Talk & Agreement


Now it is: Phase 6: Very Serious Intentions/Getting Engaged 

Congratulations! Reaching up to this phase is considered a huge success. Your chances are getting far higher than few weeks ago when you were in your 3rd Phase of your project. This means you are on the right track.

Engagement is a big phase for many. It is true b/c it is a cornerstone in building up your own home and your own family. It is exciting for it prepares both of you for a life bond. Sometimes it is scary to an extent of getting cold feet and withdrawing from the whole event.

Engagement is a big deal for the majority of people; and you would hear many comments from your own family, from your own friends, and from everyone you know, you would hear something.

Be cautious not to fall into the mistake of thinking of others’ opinion without calculating your own needs. Remember, it is your project!SophiePhase6

Nobody else knows how hard it is to go through all these preparations and meetings day after day expecting something special out of it.

In the meantime, this does not mean that you will neglect a serious comment from your family, especially if it is connected to your safety. They all love you.

Engagement is the threshold of your marriage. It is a huge step but you should not exaggerate it. It is a life event that will happen once in a life time (hopefully) and this is what makes it big but soon you’ll be getting into a more difficult one which is being committed to a marital status.

You need to understand and to know what marital status entails. You need to know your rights and your duties. You need to talk to your man about how he understands these rights and duties. Talking in details and giving examples will save you a lot of time. Confirming your understanding also is a good way to be on the same line.

SophieChannel NewYellos Qatar Airways Worthy Berrylook

Until we chat again, your last phase will be soon in its way to you with our hugs and kisses ❤


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