Pera Palace!

Trustworthy people are usually proud! 😉

TurkishBeautyAlthough it is beautifully dubbed, the trailers are still missing its English version. Episodes are called “Midnight at Pera Palace” a new 2022 Netflix production.

These are recommended as a family show since it is based on the idea of the time machine, but it is not a time machine though.

Each episode is craftly managed to entertain you throughout its every single moment. It succeeded in that to the extent that you might become impatient to wait for tomorrow to watch another one. Instead, you would keep watching where each episode drags you deeper all the way up to the unknown ending.

Your family will have good time around your TV so enjoy it and expect more!

Until we talk again, no matter where you are, you are with us and this is what counts, join us, with our hugs and kisses ❤
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