Family Management!

Every family has a unique way in its management! 😉

Don’t even think of this!” Then, “If you think your move in closer from me will make me spend every weekend around you, you’re wrong, just forget it!”

FamilyMattersWhy would an adult son/daughter talks like this to a dad, a mom, or a family elderly?

For many reasons such as being tired, overwhelmed, life burdens, work battles, frustration, or anymore. It could be a thousand reasons irrelevant to you but unfortunately you were the one that all of these were burst out at you. It was nothing personal, it was just a wrong timing for conversation.

BabiesSeniors are like babies. Gradually, they become very sensitive, vulnerable, fragile, and need a lot of love and passion. They need a delicate way when dealing with them. Probably this is why young children have the ability to connect to them more than the adult children.

In the meantime, seniors need to be mindful of the new necessity of being an adult daughter or son. They are no longer the young children anymore. They need more space and free mindset: you cannot impose on them how to live their lives.

Family IssuesIf you are asked by your adult children to provide some advice, it would be appreciated. If you volunteered to give some advice, sometimes it could be taken as means of interference in their actions or trying to impose, which would be most unlikely in your favor.

Until we chat again, remember that everyday has its ups and downs, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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