Save Your Nice Mood!

Never wish for something that belongs to someone else! 😉

You try your best to be cheerful and optimistic then here it comes all the spikes that could make you lose your nice mood.

GasStrangely enough, the media started to talk about it out loud: the gas prices are having an investigation committee to find out about those billions of dollars that gas companies were making during the last three years using every chance to more burden the poor citizen. Do you think this committee will succeed in bringing down the gas prices to where it actually should?

its-an-art-to-helping-the-homelessAnother big issue is that the CA housing suddenly jumped up to sky spikes so that a 1 bd/bt would cost you around $2,000 and in this case you need to be earning monthly more than $ 6,000 in order to qualify.  Terrible equation that needs a very quick solution or else very soon, people will manage their shelters in the streets the Californian way. Homelessness, will take another serious curve.

Ask yourself how to save your nice mood!

Until we chat again, pls suggest here we would love to hear from you, with our hugs and kisses ❤                                                                                                                         


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