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Do you know that some people when aging develop the blue/purple color under their eyes? Is this normal? What are the causes and the home treatment for such symptoms?

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The first cause for dark circles under your eyes is lack of sleep which is explained before. The second reason could be allergies or hyperpigmentation when your body is exposed to a lot of melanin. Also, iron deficiency or anemia could cause the darkness under your eyes. Thinning skin or reduced level of fatty tissues under your eyes are reasons to be considered too. Aging, no doubt may contribute to this darkness but not necessarily with everyone.

Other reasons can include thyroid problems, smoking, genes inherited from family, dehydration, or other reasons due to ailment.

The first self-defense against this blue circles is to take enough sleep, quality sleep going deep into calm sleep without interruption. Home remedies include cucumber circles on your eyes, cold tea bags or compress, and massaging around your eyes could be very helpful.

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