Truth Comes At A Cost, 1Z

Welcome to our page friends and readers from the US, Germany & Mexico 😉

Dear 1Zumba friend, what do you think about life? What do you think about having the truth or not having the truth? Is there a pure truth and a relative one?

When I hear the word truth, it comes to mind right away “And nothing but the truth”, but yet there is no a specific definition for the truth.

In this era, with distorted stories and scandals everywhere, with a media that wants to fake everything, aiming only at fame and money, it has been like a puzzle, how to deal with such a huge amount of untruthful plays.

It’s becoming harder and harder every day for people just like us to know the truth. Are you willing to pay to find out the truth?

I’m not sure, it depends on your budget. Many people will not welcome this idea of Image result for scandalspaying for the truth, but the rich ones may welcome it, since the prevailing truth they want is only what they lead people to believe that “it is the truth”. 😛

Frankly speaking many people no longer care if they know the truth or not, coz no matter what happen there will always be vague or classified facts. 🙄

Facts that are kept away from the public, for a reason, God know what, we may agree or disagree with it.

In brief, the truth comes at a cost!

With our kisses and hugs, until we talk in a little bit ❤



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