You’ve been always on the top of your class, just continue the way you are, top! 😉 Welcome back readers and friends from everywhere: the US, Canada, the UK, India, and Italy 😉

As it is always the case, there is more about your strategies in boosting and empowering your employees/workers. But before we tell you this, you need to adhere to this core value: “To be a successful manager and leader, you need to do the right things right!”

Before empowering your team, managers, you’ll hire genuine employees whom would perform the tasks that you have in mind, then providing them with wings they would do far more than you expected.

. Happy & Heard: Your employees will give their best when they’re happy at work, so make them happy by listening to them, their questions, ideas, suggestions, or concerns. Make them feel that they belong to you, and to your business. 

. Be there: Not too many managers have open-door policy. They lock themselves behind a door, and sometimes there is a guard at their doors. It is different era! This wouldn’t match with today’s businesses.EmpowerSophie

. Share info: Although it’s very simple to do this, but its implication is huge, and your employees’ morale is greatly restored by doing that even if it was for things like having a new hire coming in.

. Recognize achievement: Individual praise, appreciation in staff meeting, or in a company’s newsletter are methods of giving an employee a boost for more achievement.

. Growth: Help your employees for personal growth. Managers who encourage their employees to join a workshop or a specialized class for career advancement, are liked by their employees. The sense of success personally and professionally will have your employees get more involved into their work.

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There is more boosters to talk about in our next post.

Until then, share your business with us and engage with our topics. Once you’re there, you’d get more and more inspired, with our hugs and kisses

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