Bart Night²!

Hi and welcome back everyone from everywhere: the US and all these lovely friends in more countries:SophieFriends1! 😉

Life is very interesting!

It was really quite interesting to see an occurrence like this happening in real life, in real time, right in front of your own eyes 🙄Shop Few Moda

SeaBear SmokehouseThe female attendant called the stylish lady, informing her that none of the other attendants received any bags and that she contacted almost all stations, running a search with all the Bart network. That was astonishing how professional that attendant was, I admired her devotion in helping her riders.

She suggested that the train, the charming lady was in, was going back in its way to SF Airport, and that the last option that the lady could try was to ride the same train again and walk its compartments all the way to the end. Perhaps, the handbag was left alone nobody wanted to come near it or touch it fearing being accused of theft. Well, yeh it could happen but what is the probability of having that to occur late winter night like this.sophieChannel

It's time to update your wardrobe! Shop now for new Plus SizeTUBBZ Cosplaying Ducks 728x90The devastated lady said ok she was ready to do anything at that point to find her handbag. At that moment I felt obligated to help that lady. Not sure why. May be out of sympathy or empathy, or I wanted to see the bag, or I wanted to help her to see how that situation would end up.

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The attendant told us to go upstairs the opposite direction at Platform 2 and to wait for 5 min. Once the train arrived, we should walk in between the coaches to check on each cabin. It was hard in the middle of the night to do that. Everything around us was quite except the announcement sound for the arriving time of the train.BartTrainMy friend asked the lady where she stepped out of the train and she pointed to a black mark on the ground at the other platform. She then suggested that we should start one car further down before that mark just to make sure that we wouldn’t miss anything.

Until the train arrived in 4 min, we didn’t talk. There was no way to do any kind of chatting. I felt empty of words. There was totally nothing in my head except the question of: “Are we really getting to see anything out of that trial?” “Was the attendant helping or trying to get rid of the crying?”

           Qatar AirwaysQatar Airways
The train arrived and the lady jumped in fast looking right and left. Nothing. She walking towards the back of the train looking through the middle window in the in-between the adjacent car’s doors. Nothing? Then she changed back to our direction to the right, walking quickly towards the door in-between the next car of the train.

Cashmere in LoveCashmere in Love
She got slowed down into that door. You know that usually it’s hard to enter to the next cabinet through the internal doors and to move easily while the train is on the move. She was still carrying that dark green computer bag and dragging the travel suit.

It was difficult to get from one car to the next while the train was moving fast but she did it and we followed her. Then everything around went silent completely silent. On the right side of the train, i saw the bag the bag OMG!

  Few Moda50% Off Select Filtration SystemsNunn BushThat was really Thi bag! Its hand was dangling down the seat. It was open. BartNightHB.jpgItems were scattered on the floor and next to the bag as if someone already checked it up. Some shiny small envelopes, floss, receipts, tissues, tiny pictures, and OMG, Disney key-chain with an enormous collection of keys.


She walked towards the bag. She didn’t say anything. Then she stopped leaning down putting her hand on that chain and taking a deep deep breath closing her eyes.

Then she held up the bag. It was one of the nicest handbags I’ve ever seen. I asked if anything was missing. She said yes, her wallet, her cards and personal items perfume, gift cards, glasses, cell-phone and few other things but she added that it didn’t matter.

The very special exquisite lady said out loud: I thank You! (Raising her head up towards the sky).

She continued: “I know that I shouldn’t have left my son while he was sick but I did to meet obligations with my work and my plan. It was a wrong decision. My son should have been my priority.”

sophieChannelUntil we chat again, yes wisdom comes to you unexpectedly from time to time to remind you of dear ones with our hugs and kisses Qatar Airways



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