Wish Man!

Pain comes before happiness but which one stays longer? 😉 Welcome back dearest great friends from everywhere: the US, the UK, Japan, Turkey, Nepal, Philippines, Spain, Canada, India! 😉

“It’s not as good as others but better than plenty” Mayra said to our group while walking. Perhaps you can guess what she was talking about.


She was talking about “Wish Man”, with no big names or even ever known on the screen before. A group of totally strange to you actors but they did their best.

SophieWishManSimple story no complex no thrilling human damage or fires or blood sprees. You can watch it with your family safe for your kids to watch not going to turn you or them into vampires.

“Wish Man” address a real social problem thank God not related to any of the races or the tribes; it could happen to anyone anywhere. In other words, no bias.

Let’s not burn the movie for you – It’s on Netflix although you might be rarely watching it but due to the weather alert most of you are probably staying home (CA or other places on fire)

Until we chat again, enjoy the movie and share with us anything you like with our hugs and kisses

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